Academic Term Abroad

For academic institutions seeking a truly unique educational experience, Village Camps offers the possibility, depending on availability, for schools or departments to relocate for a term in the scenic Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alpine Centre, with over 300 beds and a separate building with further accommodation provides all essential services, serving as a European base for academic institutions to conduct classes with accommodation and meals. This opportunity is particularly well-suited for schools or universities specialising in tourism/hospitality, finance, diplomacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and food and beverage.

Students residing in the Swiss Alpine Centre can enjoy a blend of Alpine living, a peaceful study environment, and convenient access to various European destinations. Village Camps facilitates several weekly course-related excursions and weekend tourism options, including activities such as wine and whiskey tastings, Swiss culinary experiences, visits to hospitality schools, cheese tastings, and tours of financial and pharmaceutical institutions.

This unique opportunity allows academic institutions to easily “plug-and-play” their academic offering in the Swiss Alps combining academic studies with cultural exploration in the heart of Europe.

“We truly appreciate you and your entire camp team.
You helped create 50 years of memories for our students and faculty”

Course Related Excursions & Tourism

Village Camps is able to arrange several weekly course related-excursions as well as weekend tourism options.

Wine & Whiskey tasting

Swiss Culinary Experiences & Cheese Tasting

Visits to hospitality schools

Visits to financial institutions

Visits to pharmaceutical companies

Prices & Reservations

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